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Silicon Wires, Cables & Sleeves

Silicon wires are indispensable for precise temp. measurement at remote measurement points, they serve as extension leads from the thermocouple sensor to the measuring instrument.

Compensating cables are made from metallic materials having similar thermoelectric properties as the thermocouple in use, the extension wires are made with similar material as of thermocouple element and are expensive, but cheap alloys of different combinations having milli-volts (e.m.f.) matched as closely as possible to the thermocouple at ambient temperatures to thermocouple are compensating wires. We supply insulation and sheating to meet the various applications, there is a choice of PVC, Asbestos, Silicon, Fiber-glass, PTFE having screen of Stainless steel, Tinned plated, Copper wire or silver plated copper wire.

Silicon Wires

Silicon Cables

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