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Customized High Temp. Wires & Calbes

These cables are designed to work with high current loads at high temperature environment conditions, such as wiring of furnace heaters, ovens and Industrial wiring under harsh working conditions.

Conductors are made of fine multi-strand Bare/Silver Plated copper strands, PTFE insulated for 600 V / 1000 V working voltage grade, having suitable insulation thickness, which can bear the mechanical load of heavy conductor, overall fiber glass braided & silicone varnished to provide surface protection to inner dielectric for extra mechanical stability. It can be further braid armored with stainless steel wire or tin plated copper wire.

RJ Wires & Cables manufacture both Single & Multi-core power cables.

Basic Cores are insulated with PTFE for 600 V working grade laid up and PTFE Jacketed overall fiber glass braided with silicone varnish or stainless steel braided for mechanical protection, However combination of both FG and SS can also be given.

Customized High Tempreture Fiber Glass Wires

Customized High Tempreture Fiber Glass Cables

Customized High Tempreture Fiber Glass Sleeves